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Ground mounted systems

Ground mounted systems Ground mounted systems
Product name : Ground mounted systems
Item : OBS-GM01
Details :
Item: OBS-GM01
Application: Flat plate roof, Ground surface with cement base.
Features: Professional Design mountings make the installation easy and fast, which can be connected even for over 10 panels, whose back supports can be raised or got down, so there are many installation angle designs for choices: 5-15degree, 15-30 degree, 30-45degree and 45-60degree.
It has an excellent performance among the same products in solar panels mounting business, with reasonable design, high anti-wind, adjustable angles, using minimal material, lowest cost and easy installation.
It is strongly recommended for your panels mounted on flat roof or ground surface with cement base.
Support Material: Extruded Aluminum Alloy With Oxidation Treatment
Anti-wind: ≤36m/s
Snow-load:  ≤1.75KN/㎡
Hardness: >12HW
Intensity: >180Mpa
Color: Natural Color
Solar panels: 30MM-50MM solar panels
Warranty:  10 years for solar bracket
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